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We are the most advanced, integrated solution provider for the supply and management of workplace supplies.

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Established over 30 years ago, we are a family-run business providing a large range of workplace supplies with added-value solutions to help you reduce overall costs and eliminate stock outs. We have solutions for all businesses that wish to improve the efficiency of their business processes by streamlining and managing their supply chain strategy.

We would like to welcome you to our customer demonstration suite, new manufacturing suite, embroidery and printing facilities, and logistics centre, all under one roof in Swindon. For now, why not take our virtual tour?

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We become the single source for all workplace supplies used across all business functions from manufacturing to office administration, monitoring expenditure and usage and assessing procedures and work place safety. Product areas include personal protection equipment, janitorial supplies, packaging, engineering and electrical, office supplies and laboratory and scientific supplies.Our market leading technology ensures we provide an efficient and reliable service – with live management information so you can track spend and usage at any time, from any place.

Ray Hall’s Retirement

July 1, 2022
After 31 years we said goodbye to our CEO, Ray Hall. Building his own business with his wife Mary Hall, and growing through hard work, innovation and acquisitions, Consumables Solutions and Consumables Manufacturing have become formidable suppliers to the industry.

Consumables Manufacturing established

March 1, 2022
Our manufacturing services now come under Consumables Manufacturing Limited. With our dedicated facilities in Swindon, we provide outsourced manufacturing services from the production of liquid filled sachets, to embroidery, printing and kitting services.

Williams Grand Prix Engineering

July 1, 2021
Williams Grand Prix Engineering based in Grove, Oxfordshire, becomes a One-team™ customer.

A re-brand and a new website

March 8, 2021
A great new look for a great proposition! Introducing our Consumables Solutions superhero character.

A new logistics centre

December 1, 2019
With business having grown 63% in 3 years, it was time for a new Logistics Centre as we outgrew the 2 we had. ‘Ignition’, a new build, is home to our inventory, Production suite, Swindon sales team and our brand new demonstration suite and boardroom to allow us to really showcase our solutions and technology to customers and prospects.

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals

November 1, 2019
Rosemont Pharmaceuticals becomes a One-team™ customer.

Stephenson Supplies joins us

April 1, 2019
As growth maintains a steady pace, we add Stephenson Supplies Limited to our family. Based in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, Stephenson Supplies, like us, is a family-owned business with a reputation built on incredible customer service and on-time, in full delivery performance.  

Safe & Warm joins us

April 1, 2018
With business growing again post recession and our new technology-based solutions coming online, we buy a specialist embroidery distributor, Safe & Warm, in order to add a new product service and ‘Centre of Excellence’ to our portfolio. The acquisition also gives us a foothold in the north of the UK.


June 8, 2016
Gurit becomes a One-team™ customer.


May 3, 2016
Perrigo becomes a One-team™ customer.

Bakkavor Desserts

March 2, 2015
Bakkavor Desserts becomes a One-team™ customer.

Expansion into Europe

January 1, 2015
We go international and open our Poland site.

IVC Brunel Healthcare

October 27, 2014
IVC Brunel Healthcare becomes a One-team™ customer.

Porvair Filtration

March 24, 2014
Porvair Filtration becomes a One-team™ customer.

A new technology focus

June 18, 2012
We went live with Oracle NetSuite as our new ERP system, which was a real game changer. We’d decided to implement a new strategy of focusing on technology, enabling us to add more value to both our business and our customers’ businesses. Throughout the course of 2012, we outsourced our Logistics to a third-party in Swindon, moved to new offices and gained BSI accreditation for ISO 9001.  

Western Laboratory Services joins us

December 1, 2007
As our product range continues to expand due to the success of our VMI on-site solutions, Laboratory & Scientific supplies becomes our eighth master product category. To help us drive down product cost, we acquire Western Laboratory Services, a £3.2m turnover distributor of these products.

Laleham Health & Beauty

April 1, 2006
Laleham Health & Beauty becomes a One-team™ customer.

Chemring Countermeasures

November 1, 2005
Chemring Countermeasures becomes a One-team™ customer.

Accord Healthcare

August 12, 2004
Accord Healthcare comes a One-team™ customer.

Consumables Solutions™ is born

January 1, 2003
With a re-brand, Consumables Solutions Limited is born.

Davidson Hygiene joins us

October 11, 2002
Following continued growth off the back of our VMI on-site solutions, Ray & Mary grow the business by acquiring Davidson Hygiene, a £2.5m turnover distributor of Hygiene & Janitorial products.


May 1, 2000
Apetito becomes a One-team™ customer and has remained with us ever since. That’s over 20 years.

Estée Lauder

January 1, 1999
Estée Lauder becomes our 3rd One-team™ site.

Eli Lilly

January 1, 1998
Eli Lilly becomes our 2nd major VMI customer. More VMI on-sites follow over the next few years including…

Dairy Crest

November 1, 1995
Ray Hall develops our very first VMI on-site solution to help support Dairy Crest in their quest for control over their spend on Indirects. Our very first One-team™ customer.

The story begins…

July 1, 1991
Ray and Mary Hall establish Safeguard International as a distributor of PPE and Hygiene & Janitorial products.
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